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Website Redesign

Since 1999, ProductionHUB is a staple in the film and video production industry. Their online platform allows users to find work, as well as hire employees and crew. Though their site evolved over the last 19 years, their marketing pages needed a fresh coat of paint. Working with their Marketing Coordinator, handoff from design to in-house development took place.

ProductionHUB color palette
Color palette
ProductionHUB type system
Type system


To maximize on ProductionHUB's redesign, an analysis of the previous style guide occurred. The result was the color palette and typography felt run down and in need of a refresh. Collaborative efforts led the team to a new type stack and palette. The foundations immediately felt well crafted, modern, and professional.

ProductionHUB homepage desktop view
ProductionHUB homepage multiple views
Homepage at various breakpoints
ProductionHUB Find Work page multiple views
Find Work page
ProductionHUB Create a Profile page
Create a Profile page

Marketing Pages

Although their website evolved over time, ProductionHUB's previous iteration lacked a contemporary aesthetic. An emphasis on white space, strong typography, and bold visuals breathed new life onto the marketing pages. All photography came from their community—a true testament to their global network.

ProductionHUB Member Profile page
Member Profile page
ProductionHUB Member Profile Category page
Profile Category page

Member Pages Exploration

It's important that the look and feel is consistent on both ends of the platform. At the same time, it should be easy for the user to distinguish between marketing and member pages. Creating a different navigation component gives the member pages it's own identity.

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