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Maggie Hyams

Visual Identity & Landing Page

Maggie Hyams is a chef honing her skills and knowledge of Japanese culture, and also in need of a personal brand. The goal was to create a contemporary visual identity to stand out in a sea of culinary artists.

Maggie Hyams logo set
Logo set

Logo Set

The wordmark is the baseline of her visual identity, set in a stencil serif. The elements inside of her brandmark and lettermark represent her profession. A cutting board as a border, and a knife blade as an accent piece. The icon option is most useful in small, digital spaces such as avatars and favicons.

Maggie Hyams palette and texture
Color palette and texture
Maggie Hyams color and texture options
‍Color and texture options

Color Palette and Texture

A bold color palette pulls inspiration from basic elements found in the kitchen. Surfaces, ingredients, and elements are all accounted for. Marble, often utilized for counter tops, is a texture applied to designated backgrounds. When used, this helps break up unwanted negative space.

Maggie Hyams type system
Type system


Recipes are open source by nature, and Maggie's type system reflects that. Titles use Bagnard Sans. Its inspiration comes from the graffitis of an anonymous, Napoleonic War prisoner. Labels, also referred to as eyebrows, use Oswald. It's a reworking of the style that represents the ‘Alternate Gothic’ sans serifs. Body copy uses Quattrocento Sans. It's a classic, elegant and sober typeface. Warm, readable and not intrusive.

Maggie Hyams apron
Maggie Hyams matchbooks
Maggie Hyams business cards
Business cards
Maggie Hyams buttons

Brand Usage

Applying Maggie's system to tangible items shows the flexibility of her visual identity. It's a reflection of how a chef reacts to any situation in the kitchen. Maggie's visual identity shines with minimal effort, regardless of the application.

Maggie Hyams website mobile view
Website — mobile view
Maggie Hyams website desktop view
Website — desktop view
Maggie Hyams website tablet view
Website — tablet view


The layout of Maggie's website resembles that of a menu, with the visual identity in full use in both columns. Ancillary elements, such as the knife blade, are useful for formatting lists. A mobile-first approach to the build ensures that the website looks great on any device.

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