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About Kyle

A little about me now, a little about me then.
photo by Brandon Williams

Experience Designer by day, Visual Designer by dawn.

My 9-to-5 is with Electronic Arts (EA), where I design for both web and digital products. Before that I was with Purple, Rock, Scissors, where I worked with companies like Facebook and Stetson University. In the mornings I focus on visual design for myself and others. Straddling the line between the two allows me to focus on what I enjoy the most: identities and systems. Whether it’s a type stack to fit with a logo, animations that feel on-brand, or applying style guides to products or websites. That’s where I'm most comfortable.

photo by Melissa Hyams

The days before graphic design

Between college (go Knights) and my career was where I took my passion for wakeskating to the big leagues. It was my original creative outlet. How I rode and what tricks I focused on was methodical and calculated. I was also known for spending hours on stencils and sticker placement. Every piece of art had its place. You can say that my thoughtfulness and attention to detail still live on to this day.